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Promotion Company Logo Update

Team Clermont Logo update

Team Clermont is a radio promotion and publicity agency. As part of designing some shirts and a mailer for them, I updated their logo to strengthen it up a bit.

On the left is their old logo. To the right is the update. I kept the same star theme and font.

Team Clermont Invite Mailer

The updated logo debuted in this event invite mailer.

Record Label Branding

Athenic Records

Here’s a logo and packaging concept I developed for a small independent record label. Athenic Records specializes in split 7″ vinyl albums (a different band on each side). The idea is to keep a minimalist and modular feel to the record jackets as their colors shift over time with each successive record release. A completist collector can eventually have the entire spectrum of albums.

Inspiring Signage [Observation]

Little Kings Sign

Lamar Lewis Sign

Horton's Drugs Signs

I love the vibe these are giving off. Seen around downtown Athens, Georgia.

Athfest 2011 Show Poster

Athfest 2011 Caledonia Poster

Athefest is Athens, Georgia’s largest music and arts festival. I’ve been doing various projects associated with Athfest since 2003, mostly t-shirt designs and show posters.

This year I put together the show poster for the Athfest weekend events at The Caledonia Lounge. The woodcut style works with the differing vibes of the two different nights of music. In my opinion, the first night of bands was a bit more organic and natural, while the second night’s bands were harder and a bit more mechanical.

The overall theme of the layout is based on the physical location of the venue. The fence, courtyard, trees, bikes, and buildings are all where you might expect to find them if you visit the place. The Friday night column is with the trees on the nature side, while the Saturday night column is the bikes and buildings (the man-made side).

Each poster was digitally printed on two corresponding pieces of 11″x17″ off-white cover-stock, trimmed and hung together as one 17″x17″ piece. The poster was also digitally prepared as a jpg for emailing and social media (shown above).