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Rebel T3i Video Test [Observation]

Here is a test of my Canon Rebel T3i’s video capabilities. The editing/filtering was done in an older version of Final Cut Express. The audio was created in Logic Express.

I’m not sure if the camera or the editing software is to blame for the dropped frames. Also, the image quality is less than I had hoped for (jpg noise and halos). I’m thinking/hoping there’s a codec issue between the T3i’s file format and the version of Final Cut Express I’m using.

Apparition Detected [Observation]

Happy Halloween

I’m a big fan of those seizure-inducing animated gifs that can give the illusion of 3D. Here’s one I made of my living room. Certain elements in this image only became visible once I added them in through Photoshop.

Happy Halloween!

iPhone 4S Video Camera Test [Observation]

Here’s some test video I shot on my iPhone 4S. Editing and filtering was through Final Cut Express. The audio was constructed through Logic Express.

I think the iPhone’s image stabilization is it’s biggest fault. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to keep the camera stationary, but any panning at all makes for jerky footage. I bet there will soon be an OS update that allows for turning off the stabilization “feature”.

Gritty Textures [Observation]

Tile Textures

Walking down the sidewalk the other day, I noticed some great tile-work in the entrance ways to a few stores. These two were my favorite. They remind me of the late 60′s, but who knows.

Tile Textures

Tile Textures

I decided to just play around with them a bit. I also like juxtaposing design elements from different points in time.

Inspiring Signage [Observation]

Little Kings Sign

Lamar Lewis Sign

Horton's Drugs Signs

I love the vibe these are giving off. Seen around downtown Athens, Georgia.