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Automated Drum Test II

This video updates the progress on my midi-controlled automatic drum player. It can now convert midi data to dynamically control twelve individual solenoid motors.

The central unit, which houses a custom programmed arduino-based micro-controller, has now been sound proofed for a better performance environment. This greatly reduces the fan noise from its 600W power supply.

The studio recording implications include unconventionally perfect component isolation, both through various rooms and/or multiple perfectly synced takes.

This midi automated drum will also be used in a live performance scenario lending to mechanical precision while retaining acoustic room interplay. The tempo precision lends itself to synced effects for audio (delays, audio samples), video and lighting (which can also be directed by the same driving midi file.

Here, the midi data is being delivered via the Music Studio app on an iPhone and out through an iRig MIDI.

(video made with Canon T3i)

Band Logo

Here’s the new logo for The Lanes, an Athens, Georgia power pop band. It’s based on a loose sketch by the group’s front man Kevin Lane.

The idea was to go after a late-sixties garage band look. Shown here is the new logo’s first usage. Cut vinyl on their bass drum accentuates that garage band feel.

Show Flyer

I was asked to design a show flyer for a Magic Missile performance. I made it based on the t-shirt illustration I had just done for them.

NTS Business Card Design II

Here’s a more conventional business card design for Normaltown Station. Off-white cardstock.

Illustration for Band Tees

These new Magic Missile t-shirts feature an illustration developed to communicate the more mystical side of Magic Missile’s new sounds. I approached the concept of actually depicting the titular magic missile (inspired by conspiratorial claims of a missile-like ancient Egyptian hieroglyph).

An entire sci-fi story behind the missile’s appearance in ancient Egypt was developed. The Egyptian, Phoenician, Proto-Indo-European, Alchemical, Christian & modern imagery fuse together in an epic pictorial.

The illustration’s message is opaque and designed to be somewhere between intriguing and off-putting to the viewer.

My favorite part was converting the Phoenician take on the band’s name to a Eurostile Extended inspired hybrid font.

Below are some details of the design printed on a few more shirt colors.

CD Album Design

AZAR Cover

AZAR Inside

Here’s the design I put together for Venice is Sinking’s album AZAR. The featured photography, by Courtney Wolfgang, depicts a worn down Atlanta convenience store in it’s even more haggard surroundings.

Layered Acrylic Painting

The Living Room Painting

I’ve been working on a layered painting approach for the past ten years or so. The idea is to create the needed colors and values in an image by filtering the light that reflects off the white painting surface. An artificial depth is created by thickening each of these layers with transparent mediums.

We’ll just title this one “The Living Room”. More paintings will be posted soon. Please contact me if you are interested in a commissioned painting of your favorite person or place.

Automatic Drum Test

Earlier this year, I started building a midi-controlled automatic drum player. It converts a channel of midi data to drumstick movements.

Here is where I am so far. The final version will be able to control twelve drum components simultaneously.

The central unit houses a custom programmed arduino-based microcontroller which processes the midi data, controling the powerflow from the 600W power source to the various solenoids.

(video made with iPhone 4S)

NTS Business Card Design

NTS Business Card

I just might hand one of these to you.

Satisfactory Screen Printing & Design [Friendly Station]

Satisfactory Screen Printing & Design

Satisfactory is an awesome screen printing and design shop here in Athens. They’ve done lots of shirt and poster designs for a ton of great bands.

Congratulations to them on recently scoring a project from GAP to design some some stuff for their holiday campaign this year.