Automated Drum Test II | Normaltown Station

Automated Drum Test II

This video updates the progress on my midi-controlled automatic drum player. It can now convert midi data to dynamically control twelve individual solenoid motors.

The central unit, which houses a custom programmed arduino-based micro-controller, has now been sound proofed for a better performance environment. This greatly reduces the fan noise from its 600W power supply.

The studio recording implications include unconventionally perfect component isolation, both through various rooms and/or multiple perfectly synced takes.

This midi automated drum will also be used in a live performance scenario lending to mechanical precision while retaining acoustic room interplay. The tempo precision lends itself to synced effects for audio (delays, audio samples), video and lighting (which can also be directed by the same driving midi file.

Here, the midi data is being delivered via the Music Studio app on an iPhone and out through an iRig MIDI.

(video made with Canon T3i)

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